I Tried Every Weight-Loss Juice And Only Life Essentials Organic Blend Worked For Me.

I Tried Every Weight-Loss Juice And Only Life Essentials Organic Blend Worked For Me.

And now, it’s easier to maintain my weight.

If you look at my high school pictures, you definitely won’t believe it’s me. Well, I was the head cheerleader way back my senior year.


Then I went to a prominent film academy in New York to study film production and that’s where my 15-year relationship with unhealthy foods started. It was an on-and-off relationship but until now we didn’t broke up.

I indulged myself because I thought to myself that this is just a phase. But it really wasn’t. And now I can’t last a day without eating McDonald’s – which by the way is only a 5 minute drive from my apartment. As a result, I weighed 105kg months after giving birth to my only child, Leon.


The Answer Came When I Least Expect It

As I was eating my Big Mac and large fries at work, I stumbled upon my friend’s Facebook post. The post was her, flaunting her fit-looking body in a blue bikini, lying on the sands of Haulover Beach. Men, she used to be bigger than me like a year ago!

I sent her a private message to ask her how she managed to have that bod – I was insanely jealous! She introduced Life Essentials to me. I want to believe it but I don’t. I mean, I have tried EVERY weight-loss techniques but I failed, how did she do this? You know I just can’t let go my bag of sour cream Lays at night while I binge-watch on Netflix and my weekend couch camping.


When I read about Life Essentials, it says that it contains 14 of the world’s top-ranked superfoods – Flaxseed, Alfalfa Leaf, Barley Grass, Acai, Green Tea, Gum Acacia, Acerola Cherry, Blueberry, Chlorella, Spirulina, Wheatgrass, and Probiotics. It’s non-GMO, 100% USDA organic, and gluten free on top of that.

“Wow, this is a fresh idea,” I thought to myself. Never have I tried a ‘superfood blend’ ever in my life. So I gave it a shot. I expected it to taste really weird and to my surprise it tastes great! Life Essentials has a mild, fruity-taste to it that you don’t want to stop drinking it.

So How Was The Result?

I ordered a box online and it costs like 29 bucks only plus it was on sale, so only paid 19 bucks. Deep inside my heart I know I have to let go my unhealthy habits. So I started going to the gym once a week, replaced my TV snack with my homemade carrot chips, and drank a glass of Life Essentials blend every breakfast. I drink it like a smoothie but you can also drink it hot and it tastes like a fruity green tea.


Although I did not completely stopped eating junk foods, I managed to get satisfying results with Life Essentials. In just a span of 3 weeks, my weight went from 105 kg to 70 kg! I tell you, this is the perfect weight-loss buddy you need right now. But not just for weight-loss, I find myself fully energized all throughout the day since I started drinking this organic blend.

I can definitely testify and recommend Life Essentials superfood blend to anyone who wants to lose weight healthier and faster. And hey, they have an on-going 30% seasonal offer right now, plus they offer FREE shipping and a money-back guarantee.

Now it’s your turn to lose weight and feel healthier than ever before!

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