My Honest Experience With Life Essentials

My Honest Experience With Life Essentials

If you are lazy to read, here is the summary 😉

  • Life Essentials is a delectably sweet superfoods blend that’s super easy to prepare.
  • I have tested the green juice formula for three weeks and I have to admit that I’m impressed. The words stressed out, frazzled, or tense are no longer in my vocabulary. ^_^
  • The green juice doesn’t just put me in a good mood and give me enough energy every day, but has also helped me with the allergies.
  • Not everyone may be able to appreciate this unique green blend but if you’re pretty desperate for a miracle, then you should definitely give it a try. Who knows? You might just end up feeling great like I do!


Happily Not Ever After

Beauty and The Beast. I’m sure you’ve heard of this story. A beautiful young maiden fell in love with a cursed prince. She broke the curse and they lived happily ever after. Awww! Isn’t that sweet?

Well, I hate to burst your bubble.

But after five years together, the fairytale seems like one big illusion. And they’re now two highly volatile Molotov cocktails ready to throw themselves at the nearest crowd of bystanders, for maximum damage… and explode!

Yes, I’m Beauty (no objections, please) and I found my Prince some years ago. We fell in love, got married, and had little beasts (pun intended) of our own. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my little family but since becoming a mother, one of the adjectives that best describes me is “uber-stressed”.

I didn’t really wanna take it out on my husband, or my children. I know that not being able to handle stress well is essentially my problem. So I desperately hunted for ways to deal with it. I tried going to the gym, because I thought exercise would help me release some pent up emotions. I also tried going to a therapist, thinking I could vent to a stranger and that would exorcise all the negativity out of me. I even tried taking on several hobbies, hoping the diversion would relieve the incessant irritation I was feeling about everything.

But NOTHING worked!


Healthy Shmealthy

I was wallowing in self-pity when a friend told me about this green juice powder called Life Essentials. And no, I’m not some ignoramus who has zero idea what green juices are. I don’t live under a rock. But they didn’t really intrigue me. Most of them sounded like scams to me.

And yes, fruits and vegetables are good for you but to turn them into powder so you can make them into supposedly “healthy shakes” sounds dubious to me… and quite disgusting. Especially those deep green stuff that look like moss… Nasty!

My friend insisted I try this though because, according to her, it made her feel great after just a week or so. She claimed she got rid of her migraines and lethargy, which have been plaguing her since she had a baby. My response was a resoundingly skeptical “Hmmmm.”

But then she bought me a canister and… who in their right mind would turn down “free stuff”? So I tried it and… I was pleasantly surprised. I really didn’t expect it to be sweet because it doesn’t have sugar, or any alternative sweetener that I recognize. It doesn’t have that “earthy but yucky” smell that most green juices have, too! Actually, the powder has a delightful hint of macha, which I love! Although, it doesn’t say it has macha, only green tea. Close enough for me! ^_^

Now, I’ve been drinking it for three weeks and it has done wonders for my mood. I kid you not! Maybe because I now have enough energy to rival my extra hyperactive toddlers, or perhaps it’s because I’m able to sleep more and my migraines are basically gone, or maybe because I finally got rid of those nasty rashes on my arms that my doctor suspected were stress-related. I’m not even certain that all this isn’t just some placebo effect.

But frankly, I don’t care. I feel great and I have more than enough energy to go to work, cook meals, do household chores, wrestle with the youngsters, and still have quality time with the hubby after the kids go to bed. Incredible, right?

Here’s my honest opinion: I’m not really certain if it’s Life Essentials that’s giving me all these wonderful results, or it’s because I was just desperate for some solution… or maybe even a combo of both. Honestly, at this point, I could care less about the why. The fact is I feel great and it all happened when I started drinking this surprisingly delightful green powder. So if you ask me would I recommend this green juice to mothers like me out there who’s been plagued by stress for years? Hell yeah!

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