Life Essentials Superfood Blend: Is it really worth it?

Life Essentials Superfood Blend: Is it really worth it?

The bane of my existence? Eating healthy.

I’ve tried almost anything! Tried to make fresh juice every morning, prepare more hearty meals by following some healthy recipes, buy and eat more veggies instead of processed foods… the list is endless, I tell you!

I was actually able to pull it off when I was in my twenties. But when I got married and had a baby, it was pandemonium! And it didn’t help either when I got my second promotion and had to put in more hours at the office. I couldn’t even have 1 minute to myself. The last thing I have time for is cooking or making a mess in the kitchen juicing kale, spinach, or wheatgrass.

Then I realized the biggest problem (that most people wrestle with) in keeping a healthy lifestyle is…


The Daily Dilemma

You see, it’s simply not possible to be exactly consistent with eating healthy. Why? Because it requires tons of free time! You have to buy fresh fruits and veggies, turn them into juice or a salad, or actually cook. Well, what if you have a 9 to 5 job and kids to take care off? Like, for example, me and the other 99.999999% of the world’s population, eh?!

I suspect that it may only work for celebrities and rich kids. I mean, who else has the money and free time, right?!

So when Life Essential’s superfood blend ($39) became quite the trend among my friends, I got very intrigued… but also a little skeptical, of course. After all, it sounded too good to be true.

Made with 14 organic superfoods and painstakingly dried to preserve all their nutrients (like fibers, enzymes and probiotics), and all packed in just 1 scoop of powder? Sounds pretty unbelievable, right?

So all those times I spent buying fresh veggies, juicing or slicing them to make a salad, was actually just a waste of time?! Now I can get all those nutrients from these 14 ingredients, in just 30 seconds every day?

But then my friends kept urging me to try it. A couple of them even almost made blood oaths that it was working for them. And well, I could see physical changes in them, too!

So I finally gave in and tried it myself. I was surprised, it really does take only 30 seconds to prepare, you don’t need special equipment or tools to make it, and you see some results in a few weeks. It was amazing!

The Bottom Line: On particularly sleepy and lazy mornings, I mix one scoop of Life Essentials powder with water and drink it before breakfast, coffee, or anything else. 10 to 15 minutes later, I have my coffee and maybe a couple of toasts for breakfast (if I have the time).

So the first thing I noticed is the awesome taste, which is very mild and a bit sweet… unlike the nasty grass-like taste of similar products I’ve tried.

Next, is this surge of energy and better focus, which I start to experience after a few hours.

Also, it doesn’t upset my sensitive stomach, like some veggies typically do.

I usually have a yoga class after work twice a week, which usually drains me. Then I decided to try drinking Life Essentials after those sessions. At first I didn’t feel any different, but after a few more times I started feeling more alert. Now, I have more energy after my yoga sessions.


And 5 weeks after I started drinking Life Essentials, I lost 12 lbs! Now I always feel very light and energetic.

On top of that, my husband complimented my skin. He said I look positively glowing. (But then he often does that before he goes on long business trips, so I’m not really sure if it was just habit or if he really meant it. Oh well, I’ll take every compliment I could get. :P)

Anyways, I have to admit that I’m really impressed with Life Essentials. And I’m glad I was proven wrong. It is possible to have a healthy lifestyle with just 30 seconds a day.

The Verdict: Now, am I imagining all these positive results? Maybe. Will it work for you? I don’t know. But then the only way you’re gonna find out for sure will be to try it for yourself. Right? So should you give it a shot? Without question!

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