7 Reasons Why Drinking Water Is Best for Your Health

7 Reasons Why Drinking Water Is Best for Your Health

Water is life—this is no secret. In fact, as if to prove this statement, as much as 60% of the human body is made up of water. As if that’s not surprising enough, throw in the fact that the human brain is 90% water, and you’ve got some mind-blowing information that’ll (hopefully) inspire you to chug down more agua.

Water Is the Answer

Yet not a lot of people do this—guzzle down water, that is, as if their lives depended on it. Which is exactly the case.

The human body benefits greatly from a regular consumption of water, yet not too many people have set themselves up for this habit. They know the health benefits of water but still opt for soda, coffee, fruit juices, and bottled drinks. These may be in liquid form, but they don’t come with the perks that water alone brings to the table.

Drinking water is best for your health. If you’re still not convinced, here are 7 reasons why you must drink this life-giving liquid on a regular basis.

1. It boosts your energy.

Ever had those days when you feel tired and sluggish but can’t point out the reason why? Maybe you’ve been stuck in your desk all day, or are simply in bed, not doing much physical activity. Yet you feel drained and sleepy, practically devoid of energy. What gives?

In this scenario, a lack of water is likely the cause. Perhaps you were too busy going about your activities you didn’t find yourself reaching for that glass of water as much as you should. Yes, you did drink liquids. But if you think back to what you’d been chugging down, you’ll find either coffee or soda. No plain water in sight.

Regular servings of water does wonders to your body and disposition. The next time you find yourself feeling down and low, drink a glass of water, and watch your fatigue melt away.

2. It improves your complexion.

Your favorite actresses swear by this so-called beauty secret. The world’s top models confess nothing works like this classic beauty tip. Well, what is it? Why, drinking water, of course.

Good ole H20 hydrates your skin and helps flush out elements in your bloodstream that lead to a messed-up complexion. For a thorough skin assessment and plan, you’ll need to turn to your dermatologist, of course. But even they will be sure to tell you that drinking water is one way you can get a clear complexion.

The results may not be as instantaneous as you’d like, but when you do see them, you’ll be glad you stuck around to doing it. You’ll find your skin has become softer, more supple, more plump, and clearer. Not even the world’s most expensive skin product comes close.

Best of all? You don’t need to spend out a fortune for clean, clear skin.

3. It aids in calorie control.

Have you noticed how most weight loss tips involve the trusty “Drink lots of water” line? That’s because it works. Water promotes weight loss and is one of the most popular diet deterrents around. But what sets it apart from the competition is that it’s completely natural, and brings with it a host of other health benefits.

Taking in a glass of water before a meal helps you feel full. This sensation of fullness tempers your appetite; thus, you’re less likely to gorge on that meal. Eating less means consuming fewer calories, and having fewer calories in your system translates to weight loss.

4. It regulates digestion.

You know how a healthy, well-functioning digestive system is crucial to excellent health, right? You can lend your hardworking digestive system a hand by drinking tons of water throughout the day.

This is particularly true if you’re prone to passing hard stools or frequently experiencing constipation. These events are light-years away from being fun, and are often painful and traumatic.

Do away with these by reaching for that glass of agua on a regular basis. Your digestive and excretory systems will thank you for it.

5. It relieves headaches.

Headaches are no fun. When they come, all you want to do is curl up in bed and hide under the sheets. What’s even more perplexing is when they come for no reason at all, or you can’t figure out what’s causing your head to throb that way.

Sounds like a classic case of dehydration. The cure? Drinking water. Remember, your brain is 90% water. Any shortage, no matter how small, causes your body to react in less-than-desirable ways (think headaches and fatigue).

Water recharges and refreshes your body. You’ll be surprised at how fast your headache clears after you’ve taken a drink or 2.

6. It enhances productivity.

Water helps sharpen your focus and improve your clarity. And why not? The human brain, being 90% water, needs a regular dose of this clear, healthy liquid for optimum function.

Perhaps you’re feeling tired and groggy while at work, or while tending to a large pile of schoolwork. After engaging in cerebral activities, you feel drained out, exhausted. Most people reach out for energy drinks to combat these sluggish sensations. But do you know you can make them all go away by simply drinking a glass of water?

When you regularly sip water, you help out your brain perform its function. Thinking, solving problems, figuring out strategies—all these become easier with water in the picture. You’re less likely to feel exhausted, and at the end of the activity, you’ll still have enough energy left to tackle a small task.

Forget about fancy productivity hacks. Good ole water is all you need to stay on top of your tasks.

7. It improves your mood and outlook.

Overall, drinking water makes you feel better, healthier. It enhances bodily functions, making your organs run effectively.

When your body is in tip-top shape, you feel good. This positive disposition rubs off on all the other areas of your life. You perform your tasks better, and you breeze through your activities of daily living. All because you make sure you drink enough water.

The benefits of drinking water go beyond the physical. As you can see, it extends into the mental and emotional too. If you want to improve yourself and eventually your life, start by drinking water on a regular basis.

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