You may be thinking to yourself– what exactly does Organic Intuition mean? Well allow me explain. Our intuition is our inner voice that tells us what we want or need or should do. It is our guiding light in life. We might not always listen to our ‘intuitive voices’ or hear them very well– but they are ALWAYS there!

Hi! I’m Miranda. And I am the queen of organic intuition. This is my blog and here are some brief explanations of my beliefs and what I write about on this blog.

Intuitive Eating

When it comes to food, I believe in the principle of INTUITIVE EATING– this means eating WHAT you want WHENEVER you want–  until you are SATISFIED. I find that this type of eating has helped me to reach the healthiest and happiest version of myself. Additionally, I believe that the idea of ‘intuition’, and TRULY listening to our ‘inner’ selves can be applied to all aspects of life. I like to call this belief “Intuitive Living”.

I have five major principles when it comes to Intuitive Living…

Intuitive Living
Lets face it– life is full of unexplained events and happenings. Sometimes we do things we wish we hadn’t… but in the end– why beat ourselves up about it? Life is meant to be ENJOYED and making ourselves feel guilty over an extra piece (or 3 pieces) of cake? This principle also goes along with other aspects of life such as making a mistake, or doing things that we wish we had not done… in the end what good is it to harbor feelings of guilt and regret? This only causes more stress and worry! I believe the best thing is to learn from our experiences and MOVE ON!! After all, life is a JOURNEY!!

2.) The less you obsess– the less you will stress!!!
Personally I have found that the less I ‘obsess’ and ‘observe’ each and every calorie I put in my mouth– the more I am able to ENJOY my food– and my EXPERIENCES! I believe that once you are able to ‘free’ yourself of food ‘rules’ (i.e. good vs bad food) you will find a happy medium and balance that works for you. This can also be applied to other areas of life– if you are constantly worrying and obsessing about a certain area of your life– the MORE you allow it to CONSUME you! I believe that the LESS you stress about certain aspects of life, the more BALANCE you will achieve.

3.) TRUST your intuition
At the end of the day– you’ve got to trust your body. If you are hungry– you need fuel– period. If you do not properly fuel yourself your body cannot function. Your body knows what it needs and how much it needs– if you just LISTEN to yourself– you can never go wrong. This principle can also be applied to other areas of your life– more often than not our ‘gut feelings’ are the RIGHT ones! I believe that the more you learn to ‘listen’ to yourself– the more satisfied you will be with the decisions you make in life!

4.) COMPASSION is the best policy
I believe that you should treat yourself with the kindness and compassion that you would treat a young child. Take care of yourself and be understanding and compassionate when you make a ’slip up’. Life is full of imperfections and twists and turns– accept them as they come, learn from them and let go.

5.) YOU have the POWER!
At the end of the day– life is meant to be LIVED and ENJOYED to the fullest! As trite as it sounds– life is TOO short to be worried and stressed all the time! One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life is to LET GO of things/people/events that BRING YOU DOWN! I believe that WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY! We have the power to change things that we do not like about ourselves/our lives! This is actually quite a LIBERATING thought to think that we are the ones in control!

I believe that with these five principles “Intuitive Living” can be something that comes “organic” and second nature; thus the principle of ORGANIC INTUITION