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Paris – le Food! le Food!

Paris is magical. I have been there a total of four times in my twenty-two years and each time I am more and more astounded at how everything is “just so” and effortlessly elegant.

Most recently, I was there for Christmastime this past December with my parents.

Whenever & wherever we travel we make it a point to

1.) Stay in a hotel we love and know we will be taken care of
2.) Eat the most incredible and delectable food we can find

This trip was no different….

We stayed at the uber-Parisian and elegant Le Bristol Hotel. It was our second time staying at this particular spot. I love this hotel so much– it’s absolutely beautiful yet not ‘over-done’ or gaudy. They even have an indoor heated swimming pool! Just amazing.

One night we ate at a lovely ‘brasserie’ by our hotel called Le Berkeley.

My appetizer was langoustines…. oh how I love crustaceans!

My entree was some type of white fish (cannot recall the name) with fried onions and ARGON OIL on the side. Argon oil is an oil from Morocco– I cannot even describe the taste but I can tell you it’s one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted.

christmas lights in paris

Christmas Time in Paris

During Christmastime, there is a kind of ‘out door’ fair that lines a street near the famous Le Champs Elysees (which is the street the Arch de Triumph is on). The street is lined with all sorts of food vendors… from crepes… (in my case NUTELLA!)

I think Paris is one of the only cities that can have this type of street fair,  have the entire city lit up with lights, and not be cheesy in the least!!

An Empire State of Mind

I had such an amazing weekend I cannot wait to share it all with you. A few weeks back, I had booked a flight to NYC to see one of my best girls for the weekened! Luckily I was able to take Friday-Monday off from work so everything worked out perfectly!

I left the Bean (Boston) around 5 on Friday– well I was SUPPOSED to leave @ 5 but those shuttle flights to NYC ALWAYS get delayed! I finally made it to my girls apartment around 9– we got food, some goose and got ready for a fun night!

Friday night after we hit up the clubs– we were FAMISHED!! This fabulous little store right near my girls place is opened 24 hours– we hit that place up for turkey & hummus wraps, Glennys soy crisps and Pop chips! We kept joking that only WE (& of course some of you other bloggers) would get the ‘healthy’ late-night-alcohol-induced munchies!! We were FAMISHED and ate every bite– all that booty shakin/walking around makes a gal SUPAA hungry!!

The rest of the weekend was chock full of MORE drinks, LOTS of shopping, TONS fun and of course some AMAZING food!!

Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable

The past few days have just been go go go. Lets recap!

Yesterday I worked the AM shift again! After work at 3 I went to my second Active Release Technique appointment. As you may have learned in my About me page, I used to run all the time until I was injured last January. Doctors told me that they couldn’t find anything wrong with my leg and that I should just ’stop’ running…this is just NOT an option for me.. I feel like this is such a ‘cop out’ answer– its like trying to ‘cover’ the problem instead of trying to address it. I have tried countless forms of physical therapy and sports massage without much luck. However, I recently found Active Recovery Boston which specializes in Active Release Technique. I plan to do a full post on this in the future, but if you wish to learn more click here.

So far– things have been going great and I have had two great mini runs without ANY pain in my leg, glute, knee or IT Band! This is HUGE!!!!!
After my appointment I made my way over to the gym for a mini run, elliptical session and some weights! I felt great after! I then ran some errands and chatted with a good friend on my way back to my apartment.

A Hearty Snack

hearty snackAfter showering.. I promptly made myself a hearty snack around 6pm knowing that I wouldn’t eat dinner much before 11 pm! Why so late you ask? Well, earlier in the week mum informed me that she wanted to go see Fiddler on the Roof because the original actor was in the play and it was going to be his last time with the show! I have to admit– I’m kind of a sucker for plays/shows/broadway and all that so I happily obliged! After the show we had plans to go to our spot at the Four Seasons for dinner & dessert.

Anyways– lets get to the hearty snack I depended on to get me through the show!

Strawberry oikos, truvia, Justins honey PB, banana slices and Kashi puffs. Puuurrrfect!

The Love of Indulgence

Lots of changes and transitions have been present in my life over the past few months. One of which had been completely re-arranging, purchasing new furniture and re-decorating my room! I had this past weekend off and was finally able to pull everything together.

My entire Saturday morning was spent waiting for the last piece of my furniture to be delivered. When I woke up I noshed on a vanilla Oikos mixed with some fabulous fruit & nut granola from Bear Naked.

Granola & Frozen Grapes

granola and frozen grapesI know a good bloggie friend of mine enjoys this granola as well. When I first read the ingredients  I noticed coconut– not being a huge coconut fan I wasn’t sure how I would acutally like this granola… yet it did NOT disappoint in the least! The granola was crunchy, chewy and sweet all at the same time.

I thought frozen grapes would be make the perfect companion with my yogurt and granola mix.